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Hi, I’m Coach Christine and I work with high performers just like you to get focus, boost sales, manage time and live a robust and balanced life at work and home.


What do you need help with?

We’ll work together on key strategies for success: attract and retain more clients, mastering time, setting priorities, getting focus and building your confidence to close more business.

What’s your IT?  – What do you want and need more of?

Yes! That’s what I’m passionate about — helping others succeed using my 20+ years in sales, corporate and leadership experience.

Now you can have critical skills needed to increase confidence, improve sales and business and balance life at home too.  If you’re looking for someone who is dynamic, inspiring and motivating who will work with you and be your coach, mentor and silent business partner then I’d love to hear from you.

Want more, need more – yes? Click here to email me or better yet call me. I’d love to help you.

Sales Accelerator

We’ll be learning how to improve all the metrics in your sales cycle.  Grow your skills and business connections in this 12 week MASTERMIND group.

Business Builder

Few people are pulled in as many directions as a business owner.  If you need reliable advice to make the RIGHT decisions, join us – you can find it here!

Marvellous Mavens Mastermind

Find support and learn the secrets to making your work & home life FIT with this 12 week Mastermind group.

Coaching with Christine

Overwhelmed — Overstretched — Under resourced?  Is this you? On the treadmill and can’t get off? Together we’ll build your confidence and success. You want more – need more – deserve more. I know first hand the ups-and-downs — the aloneness – the never-ending pressures, the feeling of overwhelm. Let’s manage those barriers to success today and create outstanding results. My personal coaching is highly customized and designed to go right to your area of greatest need: time management, focus, confidence in sales, leadership – Building YOU and at work and at home. All you need is a champion in your corner – today — now. Now is the time.
YES ~ I Want A Risk-Free Consultation
The money invested into my business through coaching is a small premium to pay from what I have gained in terms of clientele and insight into some of the different approaches that I now implement in my business. The coaching process has put me on track, allowing me to run my business effectively and efficiently, instead of allowing my business to run me.  Christine has taught me that when you commit to something……it’s incredible what comes towards you! Jack Larmond

LBM Consulting Ltd

Many people who come to me for coaching are already successful in their careers.  Focused training and development on your professional processes always result in improvement.  I work with clients committed to developing their potential and excellence.   A promotion, higher commissions, or a better balance between home and work – are yours to create. Christine Boyle

Performance Coach, Principle & Founder, Fusion Enterprises

Working with Christine has improved my business in numerous ways. One would be that it has helped me to improve on prospecting ideas and marketing strategies. Learning who are my centre of influences, how to use those influential people to build my business and to help me succeed.  I’ve built up more confidence and excellence in my presentations which made it easier to close sales. Through Fusion Enterprise I have improved my business and built a more solid business plan. Willimina Driggs

Financial Advisor, FaithLife Financial

I needed direction on closing sales and while my time with Christine was short, it was powerful, and I learned key sales lessons which increased my confidence. ‎I’m now well equipped to meet prospects and I highly recommend Christine’s sales coaching to both new and seasoned business owners. Letitia Francis

Area Director, ClubZ Tutoring

Inspiring others

“Christine from day one, the encouragement and positive critical analysis have made me realize that it is time to shed my comfortable skin and to take chances. The power and confidence in your voice when you talk in front of us, is a technique to be mastered by me yet.

At some point I will get beyond projecting my voice as a scream, it is a goal to now be able to project clearly, effectively with power in any situation.  You truly are an inspiration to me.”

Stuart Mann

Working with Christine was a breath of fresh air. She was able to gently guide me towards creating a business plan that didn’t stifle my creativity, but sparked it.  She has amazing business sense, integrity, creative ideas and warm personality, yet she is highly organized and professional. I wanted a business coach that was personable, yet firm in keeping me within my own timelines, while respecting flexibility as my business plan constantly changed and evolved.  Helping an unorganized business owner in a new age healing profession such as mine would be daunting to most business coaches, but Christine proved to be highly flexible and capable in every way. It was a pleasure working with her! Liz Lichti

CEC, Certified EFT & ZPoint practitioner

I joined Christine Boyle’s 4 week mastermind group in September 2015.  It was a small group so we were really able to focus on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  I found the sessions to be very open with everyone contributing to the conversations.  With Christine’s leadership we achieved some great successes! I would definitely recommend Christine as a business coach and her mastermind sessions. Pam Little